This Is A Fictitious Tale Of Widowhood, Motherhood And Philanthropy...  
Any woman unfortunate enough to become a widow at thirty-five, with four young children to bring-up, would feel cheated, even angry. Ivylin Jones, a Jamaican living in England, had those feelings on the day she watched the cancer-ravished body of her husband Uriah, laid to rest in the family plot at St. Philips churchyard in Jamaica. But Ivylin was a strong woman, in both mind and body. For on returning to England, she set about raising their four little girls the only way she knows how. But rules of nature deemed that little girls do grow up into women, with minds of their own. And the Jones’ girls weren’t exceptions to those rules.
This final-draft of the first 50 copies and produced in publication-format is to seek interested collaborator/collaborators…

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