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Francis Andrew Nation

Francis A. Nation was born in Porus, Manchester, (JAMAICA) in 1937. He received his early education from the Church of England Infant School. His secondary education was from the government school, Arcadia-Secondary. At the age of seventeen Francis migrated to the city of Kingston in search of employment. After working for five years as an apprentice-salesman in the building/carpenter trade, he decided to migrate to England.

In England, he studied Sociology and Creative-Writing and managed to carve for himself a niche in the British School-Management System, (BSS) for the Birmingham Education Department for over twenty four years. In an effort not to forget his Caribbean heritage and to maintain its “JAMAICANNESS” (ie, things Jamaican) Francis began telling bed-time stories to his children. It was then that he realized he had a penchant for story-telling and thus his writing capabilities came to the fore.

In 1986 he began writing in earnest and in 1994 compiled a series of short stories and poems. Francis wrote short-stories, instead of novels, because he was of the opinion that it would be difficult for people with busy lives, to find the time to read lengthy publications. To date, he has written ten books, five of which have been published. These books all reflect the rich and varied culture of the Caribbean. Some of these publications can be accessed from schools, colleges and public libraries across the U.K. and the Caribbean.

Even though he has retired from paid employment, Francis still continues to work assiduously in various voluntary pursuits. He has been the co-founder and Chief Executive of Continental Cricket & Social Club, (a predominantly Jamaican out-fit). Founder and Pioneer of the 'Victoria Mutual Jamaica Challenge Cup. He also actively serves in the capacity of school-governor across Birmingham, and has held the position of both vice-chair and chair-of-governors, for over twenty years now. He has also fostered links between schools in the U.K. and schools in Jamaica, through his affiliation with the St. Ann's Society of Gloucester.

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